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Marek Duda

For years, together with my friends I have been involved in the creation of websites and dedicated management systems.

We have experience in working with web applications and more. We work on various platforms with diverse architectures. We mainly create in Java, Spring, JavaScript, Angular technologies that cooperate with various databases and websites. Due to the number of projects we took part in, we are able to create a simple website that can be extended over time to a rapidly expanding website. The experience of integration of various APIs allows us to guarantee secure payments with such services as PayU or Eservice, sending several thousand emails per hour using the appropriate service, to dispatch packages to eg Poczta Polska, Ruch or InPost. In our work, we often use technologies that are used by the best in the industry: Google, Microsoft, Amazon


Online shop

Sale of filters, jugs and other products

The created store has a customer panel, where all the products that the user can order and the admin panel. This panel provides the ability to manage users, orders, payments and other resources.

January 2018 - July 2018

Employee management system

Security firm

The application allows you to register employees' working hours and their rates and withdrawals. The system administrator has the ability to fully view and manage the security company from anywhere in the world.

August 2018 - November 2018


Programming languages & Tools
We create:
  • Fully responsive web applications using xhtml, css, angular etc.
  • Dedicated systems for small and large companies based on JAVA technology with databases such as Microsoft SQL Server, MySql, MongoDb using powerful Tomcat and Wildfly servers.
  • Online stores built for the needs of the customer without unnecessary options reaching the maximum efficiency even with high traffic.
  • Web pages based on CMS, websites from scratch, business cards using frameworks such as Wordpress.
  • Integration with external websites for the needs of the current application. Sending and receiving information, which are then used in the application.
  • Mechanisms that support external devices such as barcode printers, etc.
  • Systems that generate reports based on algorithms, which then form pdf and xls files on this basis.
  • Personalized text editors capable of generating a pdf file on this basis.
  • We install SSL certificates to make the client feel safe.


I specialize in creating both simple websites as well as very extensive logistics applications.

I carry out the whole application reliably from the creation of the project through the implementation of the solution to the implementation on the server.

I approach each order and the client individually to meet the needs and have satisfaction with the work done.



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